Grant set up

Once organisations have successfully gone through the due diligence process, the next stage is grant set-up where design documents are collaboratively reviewed, updated and strengthened to ensure the project is set up to deliver effectively and align with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s (FCDO) approaches.

Organisations will work closely with a Performance and Risk Manager (PRM), our technical advisors and the fiduciary risk team, to ensure their project design is robust and has appropriate monitoring and evaluation measures in place to deliver and evidence results and impact.


Accountable grant arrangement (AGA) template

Visibility statement guidance

Advance budget template

Arrears budget template

Risk register template

Logframe template


Accountable grant agreement (AGA) frequently asked questions

A guide to logframes

This guide explains what a logframe is, their purpose and how to develop one.

A guide to developing a theory of change

This guide explains what a theory of change is, its purpose and how to develop one.

Guidelines for financial reporting

Budget management and classification

Managing exchange rates

Non-project attributable costs (NPAC) guide

This document provides guidance on calculating and reporting non-project attributable costs (NPAC), that can be included within budgeted costs and funding claims.