Quarterly and annual reporting

All UK Aid Match grant holders are required to submit quarterly narrative reports and financial reports to assess and evaluate progress towards project goals. Grant holders must also submit a financial claim every quarter to report actual spend against budget and provide updated forecasts. All quarterly reporting is submitted through Grantelope.

Download the quarterly reporting schedule for 2023 – 2024.

Download the quarterly reporting schedule for 2024 – 2025.

Annual reporting

Grant holders are also required to submit an annual report for each year of project implementation, in line with the terms of the Accountable Grant Arrangement (AGA). The purpose of the annual report is to assess and evaluate progress over the last year towards project goals.

The annual report is due one month after the anniversary of the project start date and should be submitted via Grantelope.

Quarterly reporting resources


Quarterly narrative report template (Word document, for offline use only)

Quarterly workplan template (optional document)


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Completing quarterly financial reports guide

Annual reporting resources


Annual report narrative template


How to complete an annual report: a guide

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