New podcast – learnings and challenges from the UK Aid Match portfolio during the current economic crisis

31 May 2023

The Learning Post: episode 22

Throughout 2022 and into 2023 we have been seeing the deepening economic crisis evolving globally. This is a crisis fuelled by combined and prolonged impacts of lots of different forces – Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and increasing climate and security emergencies. These combined forces are having a range of impacts on UK Aid Match grant holders ability to deliver their projects as originally designed, as they navigate shifting local, national, and global contexts.

In this podcast Gem Clark (Funds Portfolio Manager, UK Aid Match) and Noeleen Advani (Senior Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, UK Aid Match) discuss the current global economic crisis and inflation challenges facing civil society organisations and share learnings from the UK Aid Match portfolio with our grant holders and civil society.

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Extract from podcast

“So many UK Aid Match projects are delivering in conflict-affected areas, where increases in cost of fuel and goods (including food) makes planning difficult and increases risk of violence and instability…. And really all of the projects are delivering in resource-scarce settings, where tensions and stressors are multiple and compounding. This is a really difficult time for projects to be delivering, but what we see in the fund management team are organisations and in-country partners who are resilient and are making the necessary adaptations.”

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