New podcast episode: How CBM UK supported and improved disability inclusion through their eye health project in rural Rwanda

20 February 2024

In Rwanda, a lack of eye health services means that people often have to travel great distances to get treatment, especially if they live in rural areas.

In our latest podcast episode, we spoke to Dorota Kachniarz, Programme Manager at CBM UK, part of CBM Global Disability Inclusion, to learn more about their recently completed UK Aid Match project in Rwanda.

They have been working with Kabgayi Eye Unit to improve access to quality, inclusive and comprehensive eye health services for people in Rwanda. In particular, their project aimed to remove barriers that people with disabilities might face when accessing healthcare, and develop hospital staff skills to help them identify and support patients with disabilities.

Listen in to the podcast episode to learn the importance of including people with disabilities in project implementation, how CBM UK approached disability data collection, and their recommendations for grant holders in supporting and improving disability inclusion in projects.

Around thirty people, all wearing eye patches after surgery, sitting along either side of a walkway.
Photograph: The day after surgery, patients are seated, ready to have their eye patches removed.

Extract from podcast

“So definitely invest in training in desegregation of data by disability. As we all know, in the absence of data, persons with disabilities will remain invisible. Also it is necessary to train before in disability inclusion in general. And then if you can involve in your projects, staff with disabilities, there is really no better way to raise awareness and promote disability inclusion than this.”

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A woman in brightly coloured clothes has one arm around the doctor, the other arm raised in celebration, a smile beaming on her face.
Photograph: Dr Theophile meets a woman overjoyed to have had successful cataract surgery.

And watch out for our second episode in this short series, where we speak to MannionDaniels about their approaches to disability inclusion at the organizational level.

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