New case study from Farm Africa

26 April 2022

Farm Africa has produced an in-depth case study highlighting some of the key lessons learned and successes from its recently ended UK Aid Match project in Uganda.

Ugandan farmer displays her coffee beans. Photo credit: Farm Africa/Jjumba Martin
Photo credit: Farm Africa/Jjumba Martin

The project, which ran between 2019 and 2021, aimed to empower women in the coffee value chain of the Kanungu district in Uganda through increasing their incomes, strengthening their household decision-making power and increasing access to resources.

After 21 months of implementation, the project had:

  • Recorded an improvement in women’s ownership and control of productive resources
  • Increased incomes and women’s participation in leadership
  • Established 160 women-led VSLAs, improving access to finance

To find out more about the project, its approach and the results achieved, read the case study.