Another successful UK Aid Match appeal: international NGO, Right To Play, share their campaign insights with us in latest podcast episode

29 September 2022

Speaking to Morven Loh, Communications Manager of The Social Change Agency, Gillian McMahon, UK Executive Director for international NGO, Right To Play, talks about their charity’s incredibly successful, ‘Save Her Seat’ appeal in this latest podcast episode on the Learning Post.

The ‘Save Her Seat’ campaign was designed to raise funds to use play-based approaches to improving educational opportunities for girls’ in the Mara region of Tanzania (and other countries around the world), resulting in improved learning outcomes for them.

Young woman holds pen with paper in educational setting. Photo credit Right To Play
This is Balla. A Right To Play trained teacher in Mali helped Balla to leave the goldmine she worked in and return to school. Photo credit: Right To Play

Creating content that resonates with audiences is explored in this episode; as is the attraction to supporters when donations receive match funding; and the opportunities that exist for charities when strong partnerships with charity ambassadors and influencers have been formed.

In this podcast, challenges are also discussed like the timing of the appeal and how despite these, the organisation was still able to achieve cut-through with their messaging.

Extract from episode

“Through the campaign, we wanted to develop girls’ life skills to support improved learning outcomes, strengthen learning environments so they become inclusive and safe, and enhance community support for girls’ education…

“So we set out with a fundraising target, before matching of £370,000, based on the scale of our support base in the UK, but by the end of the campaign we had massively increased our reach in terms of UK audience and we’d more than doubled our fundraising target, raising more than £750,000 and with Match and Gift Aid, that’s going to be about £1.7 million.”

Learn more about Right To Play’s appeal by listening to the podcast in full and visiting their ‘Save Her Seat’ appeal page.