ADD International launch 100% Homegrown appeal

23 June 2022

ADD International is launching a new appeal to support a kitchen gardens project in Uganda, led by a group of disability activists.

Fazila, a disability rights activist in Uganda, cultivates her garden.

During the pandemic, food shortages disproportionately affected disabled people who face barriers to employment, discrimination and stigma. A group of women started growing their own food in kitchen gardens, which are accessible, nutritional and support them in earning an independent income. In the collective spirit of the disability rights movement, these women are keen to pass on their wisdom to the next generation, and support young people in their independence.

Money raised through the ‘100% Homegrown’ appeal will be spent on reducing young disabled people‚Äôs vulnerability to food shortages in Uganda by supporting them to establish accessible kitchen gardens. Specifically, the funding will be used on training, seeds, tools and equipment for the kitchen gardens to thrive.

All public donations made before 23 September to the appeal will be matched by the UK government.

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