WWF launches Land for Life to support East African communities

2 November 2020
Land For Life appeal image of Lion

WWF’s new ‘Land for Life’ appeal, which aims to improve the lives of more than 27,000 people in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania whilst protecting critical ‘wildlife corridors’, launched today.

Across East Africa, wildlife protected areas generate $48bn through tourism, which has now virtually dried up.  WWF’s new appeal aims to raise money for a project that will will help develop new ways for Maasai communities, particularly women to make money, reducing their reliance on tourism – such as through bee-keeping, improved livestock and small-scale farming.

As a UK Aid Match appeal, all public donations to the campaign will be matched by the UK government

Dr Yussuf Wato, Wildlife Programme Manager at WWF-Kenya said:

“The urgent concern right now is that the loss of tourism revenues and added pressure on natural ecosystems as sources of food and livelihoods could undo the conservation progress that we have made.  That’s why the focus has to be on building resilient community livelihoods alongside securing the continued survival of wildlife alongside them.” 

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