World Horse Welfare project to help horse-owning communities access skills and resources

17 June 2019

International equine charity, World Horse Welfare, has launched a match-funded appeal for a project providing training for communities in rural Haiti to improve care for their working horses and donkeys whilst strengthening their livelihoods and independence.

Working in ten towns around Port-Au-Prince, the charity’s Haitian partner, Fondation Quatre Pattes, will share knowledge with horse-owning communities and provide training in saddlery, horse care and veterinary treatment. Not only will the project support owners in improving the health of their working horses but it will also open up income generation opportunities for local people to train as saddle pad makers and saddlers.

‘If my donkey is sick then it is as though I’m sick too’ are the words of a working equid owner in Haiti that so eloquently reflect the true importance of working horses, donkeys and mules to the families they support, and how working animals can contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals,’ says World Horse Welfare Chief Executive Roly Owers.

‘We have a unique opportunity to double our impact thanks to the UK government matching every donation we receive until 17 September and would ask everyone to help us make the most of this extraordinary opportunity by helping some of the world’s most challenged people by supporting them in caring for their working animals.’

World Horse Welfare is the first equine-focused charity to run a UK Aid Match appeal. Find out more about its appeal.