The HALO Trust tackles minefields in Zimbabwe with new appeal

9 October 2019

Landmine clearance charity The HALO Trust has launched a campaign to help thousands of people trapped by landmines in Zimbabwe.

The campaign, named ‘Breaking Boundaries’, was launched at Erskine Stewart’s Melville Junior School (ESMS Junior School) in Edinburgh by local MSP and former leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson. Ms Davidson is a longstanding supporter of The HALO Trust, Scotland’s largest international charity, and visited its operations in Afghanistan in February 2018.

Donations to the campaign, which are being matched by the UK government, will allow HALO to clear 105,600 square metres of land in Zimbabwe over 12 months, helping over 3,000 people get access to safe land to grow food and give safe access to schools and other services.

James Cowan, HALO’s CEO said: “The UK’s support to HALO has freed hundreds of thousands of people from the fear of landmines and helped them rebuild after conflict. Now the British public can donate to the Breaking Boundaries appeal knowing that every pound they give will be doubled by the UK Government. We will clear twice as many minefields and help twice as many people thanks to this new campaign.”

Find out more about the ‘Breaking Boundaries’ appeal.