Practical Action aims to Turn the Tables on climate change

9 December 2020

Practical Action is raising funds to help Nepalese farmers reverse the effects of climate change and coronavirus through its latest appeal ‘Turn the Tables’.

Practical Action appeal image of Nepalese farmer

Climate change has caused major disruptions for farmers in Western Nepal bringing extreme weather and new diseases and pests. These challenges were compounded by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic which impacted supply chains and led to a plummet in demand.

Through donations made to the appeal, Practical Action will work with farmers to help them access the tools, training and technology they need to be able to grow a successful harvest, store water, irrigate crops, access finance and get their produce to market. As a UK Aid Match appeal, all public donations to ‘Turn the Tables’ will be matched by the UK government.

Practical Action CEO Paul Smith-Lomas said: “Every day my colleagues around the world tell me stories of how, for many of the people they work with, climate change is already happening.”

“The simple truth is that people in the poorest places suffer most and their reality is that they now have to deal with it. Practical Action is on the front line, working with some of the world’s most vulnerable people to help them adapt and take back control of their lives.”