AfriKids launches ‘Time to Shine’ appeal

Ensuring more children in northern Ghana complete a quality basic education and get their time to shine is the aim of AfriKids’ latest appeal which launched today.

“A basic education shouldn’t be a luxury, but it’s beyond the reach of the very poor families we work with in Ghana, who work incredibly hard to make ends meet and do the best for their kids,” says AfriKids Chief Executive, Charlie Hay. “Together we can help them to transform their own lives and give their children the best possible chance of escaping poverty for good.”

Public donations will enable AfriKids to work with families to improve theirfinancial security and work with communities to change beliefs and practices that are preventing children from completing school. The first £2 million of donations will be matched by the UK government.

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt says: “UK aid’s support will double the impact of the British public’s voluntary donations and help AfriKids to reach some of the world’s poorest communities to keep more children healthy, safe and in school.”

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Elton John AIDS Foundation launches AIDSfree

The Elton John AIDS Foundation launched its ‘AIDSfree’ appeal today which will work to accelerate the progress of six major cities in ending their AIDS epidemic.

The appeal will look to fund programmes that increase access to information, testing and treatment to improve the lives of those living with, affected by or at risk of HIV/AIDS.

Through UK Aid Match, the UK government will double public donations up to £2 million to be spent across projects in Maputo and Nairobi.

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Mary’s Meals looks to double the love

Mary’s Meals launched its new campaign ‘Double The Love’ today, with the UK government matching public donations up to £2 million until 1 March 2019.

Donations will enable Mary’s Meals to reach thousands more chronically hungry children in Zambia with a life-changing meal every school day.

“Our wonderful supporters of all ages never cease to amaze us with their love and kindness. With match funding from the UK government, we have a wonderful opportunity to create an even bigger impact and transform the lives of many, many more hungry children with the gift of food and education,” says Mary’s Meals’ founder and global chief executive Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow.

Zambia suffers from high rates of malnutrition, poverty and food insecurity. More than 360,000 primary school-age children are out of school, and those who do attend are often so hungry they don’t have the energy to concentrate and learn in class. But, by providing one good meal every day in school, Mary’s Meals attracts children to the classroom where they can gain an all-important education.

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