Orbis tackles avoidable sight loss with latest appeal

25 March 2019

‘See My Future’, Orbis’ latest appeal, launched today in an effort to reduce avoidable sight loss in Nepal which is acting as a barrier to education for approximately 300,000 children.

Nepalese children are dropping out from school due to treatable issues such as refractive errors, cataracts and strabismus, impeding their ability to see the blackboard, textbooks and their teachers. In some cases, children are also leaving school to care for an adult with sight loss.

The money raised via the appeal, which will be matched by the UK government, will go directly towards expanding Orbis’s project in Nepal which screens and treats children with sight loss, enabling them to attend school and face a brighter future.

‘With a simple eye exam and a pair of glasses, a child’s life can be transformed,’ says Rebecca Cronin, Orbis UK CEO. ‘Clear sight opens up a future of possibilities – children can return to school, play with their friends and contribute to society, breaking the cycle of poverty.’

Find out more about the appeal.