Health Poverty Action to support nutrition in Sierra Leone

1 October 2019
Happy Mums, Happy Tums appeal image featuring a mother and child

International NGO Health Poverty Action launched its ‘Happy Mums, Happy Tums’ UK Aid Match appeal today (Tuesday 1 October), supporting the health and nutrition of mums and young children in rural Sierra Leone.

The ‘Happy Mums, Happy Tums’ project aims to reach over 6,000 women and children by working with over one hundred community health workers to identify and refer malnourished children and pregnant women to health services, helping local communities take advantage of the most nutritious locally grown food and improving access to healthcare services. As a UK Aid Match appeal, all donations from the British public will be matched by the UK government.

Prince Cummings, Health Poverty Action’s Country Director for Sierra Leone, said: ‘In rural parts of Sierra Leone new mums don’t always get access to local healthcare facilities. Health Poverty Action works with these communities, often in places where few other NGOs work, to make it easier for mums to get the healthcare and nutrition advice they deserve.’

‘We’re delighted to have UK Aid Match support us to work collectively with local communities and stakeholders and make lasting change. From helping to facilitate cheap community food gardens to setting families up with breeding pairs of chickens or goats – our ‘Happy Mums, Happy Tums’ appeal is focused on sustainable, long-term solutions that empower people to take ownership of healthcare in their own community.’

Find out more about the appeal.