Farm Africa launches ‘Coffee is Life’ appeal

8 February 2019

Farm Africa launched its ‘Coffee is Life’ appeal on Friday 8 February to support farmers in Uganda make a decent living from coffee farming.

Despite being Uganda’s most valuable crop, coffee farmers are struggling to get by as they lack the tools, training and bargaining power needed to grow enough coffee and sell it for a fair price. Farm Africa hope their latest project will help to improve the lives of farmers in Kanungu, Uganda.

The appeal has gained the support from the National Farmers’ Union, whose President Minette Batters and Vice President Stuart Roberts are both running the London Marathon in April to raise funds for Farm Africa.

‘I’ve seen some of the truly amazing work that Farm Africa do, and it deserves our support,’ says Stuart. ‘It’s not about money, it’s about transforming lives, because you give farmers the tools to build a business.’

The money raised will be used on a project focusing on empowering women farmers. Women provide the bulk of the low paid, unskilled labour but as the land is owned by men they receive a majority of the profit. The project will help female farmers gain access to land, set up savings associations so they have access to finance to invest in developing their businesses, and support to take on leadership roles within their local coffee cooperatives.

To find out more go to the Farm Africa website.