East African Playgrounds launch ‘Play for Brighter Futures’ campaign

1 March 2020
East African Playgrounds campaign image for Play for Brighter Futures featuring two smiling children on a slide

East African Playgrounds is hoping to raise vital funds to increase the health, wellbeing and education of refugee children in Uganda through its ‘Play for Brighter Futures’ appeal.

The ‘Play for Brighter Futures’ campaign launches in response to the growing need for greater access to play and education in refugee settlement camps in East Africa. Bidibidi, Uganda’s largest refugee resettlement, is the same size as the city of Birmingham, and 57% of refugee children there are missing out on early years education. This has a profound and long-term impact on children’s futures and the host communities they live in.

Murielle Maupoint, Chief Executive of East African Playgrounds said, “Play is critical for the health and wellbeing of everyone – let alone children who have experienced significant trauma in their short lives and been uprooted from their homes and families. Through play we can enable refugee children to heal, develop and learn, establishing the foundations for a brighter future,” says Murielle Maupoint, Chief Executive of East African Playgrounds.

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