Amref Health Africa UK launches ‘Health in Her Hands’ campaign

Amref Health Africa launched Health in Her Hands today (8 March), a new appeal which will support frontline health workers who are saving and changing lives across Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 11% of the global population – but only 3% of the world’s health workers. Worldwide, a shortfall of almost 18 million health workers is projected by 2030.

“Investing in female health workers is vital if this trend is to be reversed,” says Amref Health Africa UK’s Chief Executive, Frances Longley. “When they’re equipped with the right tools and training, women have the power to transform the health of some of the most remote and marginalised communities in Africa. They’re on the front line of change – and Amref Health Africa is determined to help them succeed.”

The funds raised through Health in Her Hands will be used to strengthen health systems, train health workers and improve access to services. Furthermore, as a UK Aid Match appeal, every public donation will be matched by the UK government.

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CBM helping people to ‘See the Way’ to a brighter future

Improving access to sight-saving eye health services in Rwanda is the primary aim of CBM’s latest appeal, ‘See the Way’, which launched today (15 February).

As well as improving access to support and treatment, the ‘See the Way’ appeal will raise funds to strengthen eye health systems. Furthermore, as a UK Aid Match appeal, all donations will be doubled by the UK government.

“Some of Rwanda’s most vulnerable people are still living with avoidable blindness and visual impairments. Too often it is these treatable illnesses that stop these people from accessing education and earning a living,”says Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt. “By providing access to basic eye health services the UK Aid Match ‘See the Way’ appeal will change lives across Rwanda for generations.”

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Sightsavers has end of blinding disease in its sights

Sightsavers launched ‘The End is in Sight’ today (15 February), an ambitious appeal to fund the final push to eliminate the blinding eye disease trachoma.

Trachoma can cause blindness, trapping people in a cycle of poverty despite being preventable.

“It is now within our grasp to be part of history and stop trachoma in its tracks,” says Dr Caroline Harper, Chief Executive of Sightsavers. “This persistent disease blights the world’s poorest communities, yet it is treatable.”

Donations to the appeal, which will be doubled by the UK government, will go towards a project which aims to eliminate the disease in Tanzania.

Through working with communities at the local health facility level, Sightsavers hopes to create positive and lasting change to eye health outcomes. The focus of this project will specifically target people with disabilities, women and the elderly.

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