New UK Aid Match funding round opens on 22 October

The Department for International Development has confirmed the latest £20 million round of UK Aid Match will open on 22 October 2018.

The UK Aid Match funding round invites applications from charities working to achieve sustained poverty reduction and to achieve the Global Goals. It also encourages wildlife and conservation charities to apply for funds for projects that tackle wildlife crime and deforestation – and so reduce poverty in the world’s poorest communities.

Making the announcement on Thursday, 11 October International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt said:

“UK Aid Match gives the British public a chance to see the money they donate to their most passionate development causes matched pound-for-pound by the government.

“We owe it to future generations for UK aid to work alongside some of our most innovative and hard-working charities to tackle the scourge of the Illegal Wildlife Trade and protect our natural environment. I want to encourage our partners to look to UK Aid Match as a way of furthering their efforts to do this and connecting with the British public.

“To do so is a win for the public; a win for the world’s poorest people; and a win for wildlife.”

UK Aid Match will match fund up to £2m in donations made by the public to appeals developed to reduce poverty in some of the world’s poorest and most fragile countries. It brings charities, the public and the UK government together to change the lives of people living in poverty and gives British people an opportunity to have their say about how the UK’s aid is spent.

To date UK Aid Match has supported 42 charities, working on 84 projects in 27 countries, to help more than 25 million people.

Applications open on 22 October 2018, but there’s guidance available on the website now.

Concern Worldwide and World Child Cancer raise over £2.5 million to support those in developing countries

UK Aid Match is a fund set up by the UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID) to give a boost to public support for charities working in the developing world. Two current grant holders who have now completed their public appeals are delighted to share with you how your donations will be invested.

Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock campaign

Minister Harriett Baldwin joined members of the World Child Cancer team to celebrate the success of the charity’s recent appeal to Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock. The campaign raised almost £850,000 to support children with cancer and their families in developing countries around the world.

World Child Cancer currently runs programmes in Malawi, Ghana, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, Mexico, and a six-country collaboration in Africa for a common kidney tumour. The programmes help to educate, and train staff involved in the care of children, improve facilities, develop locally appropriate therapy, and provide holistic patient care.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the UK public, the Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock campaign raised £434,239 – of which £415,717 was matched by the UK Government’s Aid Match scheme. The matched funds will be used to support children with cancer in Ghana to gain a faster route to better treatment whilst public funds will be used to support families affected by cancer in the six other countries in which the charity works.

The campaign focused on the fact that a child with cancer in a developing country dies every three minutes, with over 300,000 new cases of childhood cancer developing each year. In developed countries like the UK a child has an 80% chance of survival but in developing ones this figure drops to as low as 10%. World Child Cancer has helped to increase childhood cancer survival rates in its programme by improving treatment standards, training healthcare professionals, covering family costs for essential treatment, and raising awareness of childhood cancer.

Adam O’Kane, Director of Fundraising and Communications at the charity comments: “The children of today are the leaders, singers, artists and teachers of tomorrow. Your support helps us to move us closer to a world where every child with cancer has equal access to the best treatment and care.”

Food in a Fragile World campaign

Concern Worldwide (UK) has announced that its Food in a Fragile World appeal has raised more than £1.7million.

Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation specialising in tackling hunger amongst the most vulnerable people. Donations to the appeal from the UK public totalled just over £850,000 before being doubled by the UK government as part of its UK Aid Match scheme.

The matched funding will help to establish a new project to tackle hunger and build sustainable sources of food in Burundi, East Africa. More than 1.7 million people in the country do not have enough to eat.

The project in Burundi will focus on improving the nutrition and health of 43,000 children under the age of five in Cibitoke, one of the worst-affected areas with high levels of food insecurity. These children represent about half of all under-fives in the province. It will help children like three-year-old Edmond and his older brother, both of whom are malnourished. The family live in one of Burundi’s poorest areas and struggle to eat once a day. Their father Jean-Marie said: “Our situation is so bad, the boys…are not in good health.”

Rose Caldwell, Executive Director of Concern (UK), adds: “We are extremely grateful to everyone who supported our appeal to reduce childhood malnutrition and its underlying causes in fragile places like Burundi.

It is only through the generosity of people across the UK that we are able to help ensure a brighter future for the world’s most vulnerable people”.


New UK Aid Match funding round now open

For the latest £20 million round of funding, UK Aid Match will particularly welcome applications from charities working on: disability, health, women’s empowerment, youth employment, prosperity, modern slavery, girls’ education, as well as oceans and plastics.

Penny Mordaunt, International Development Secretary, said:

“This is a very exciting step for UK Aid Match as, for the first time, we are asking for applications from charities specialising in oceans and plastics. This is a clear sign of the British public’s passion and energy to fight against global plastic waste.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the innovative solutions, which charities will bring to this global issue. I am sure the UK public will continue to show their incredibly generous support for the UK Aid Match scheme.”

UK Aid Match will match fund public donations on appeals of up to £2 million, for projects working to reduce poverty in DFID’s eligible countries.

In the last 5 years, UK Aid Match has supported 42 charities and run projects in 22 countries, which have benefitted more than 19 million of the world’s poorest people. The government has matched every public donation made to these charities pound for pound, helping them go further in changing and saving lives.

Further information can be sourced here on:

The latest funding round

Eligibility Criteria

Guidance materials

Making an application

Apply now: the closing date for the submission of concept-notes is Friday 25 May.

Please note: The Fund Manager for UK Aid Match is now MannionDaniels, working in consortium with Oxford Policy Management (OPM), Education Development Trust (EDT), Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), and the Social Change Agency (SCA).