WasteAid appeal tackles plastic pollution in the developing world

WasteAid launched its Widening the Net appeal today (1 May) to raise funds to develop recycling centres in some of the poorest parts of the world.

Plastic pollution is a major problem for most low-income countries, where very little waste is managed. WasteAid trains disadvantaged women, young people and people with disabilities to transform the problem of waste into an economic opportunity.

The Widening the Net programme will initially be used to train marginalised people in Douala, Cameroon, where there is no formal rubbish collection service. Plastic waste litters the ground and coastline, with tonnes of material reaching the sea every day. As a UK Aid Match appeal, all donations from the British public will be matched by the UK government.

WasteAid’s plastics specialist Pierre Kamsouloum says: “This programme will build on my own personal experience of turning plastic bags into paving tiles. Recycling plastic has helped me out of poverty, and I am very happy to share these skills to help other young people.”

Tearfund launches appeal to reduce plastic pollution in Pakistan

Tearfund’s latest appeal, which launched today (18 February), will raise funds to build new recycling hubs in Pakistan that will prevent further damage to the environment, protect people’s health and provide jobs.

Pakistan produces more than 20 million tonnes of rubbish each year and in cities like Karachi, two fifths of it remains uncollected. The rubbish either builds up in rivers, causing flooding, or people opt to burn it in the streets which is damaging to health and the environment. Tearfund hopes to combat this problem by creating innovative recycling hubs so that rubbish stays out of the streets and waterways.

“Tearfund’s appeal will help improve plastic recycling in Pakistan, cutting both waste and water pollution in the country,” says Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt*. “This vital work will improve the health of generations of people, and create jobs and prosperity in the region. UK Aid Match will double every pound the Great British public donate to this campaign, meaning that their generosity will go twice as far.”

Find out more about Tearfund’s appeal.


*Please note: This is an old article. The current Secretary of State for International Development is Rory Stewart.