Tearfund launches appeal to reduce plastic pollution in Pakistan

Tearfund’s latest appeal, which launched today (18 February), will raise funds to build new recycling hubs in Pakistan that will prevent further damage to the environment, protect people’s health and provide jobs.

Pakistan produces more than 20 million tonnes of rubbish each year and in cities like Karachi, two fifths of it remains uncollected. The rubbish either builds up in rivers, causing flooding, or people opt to burn it in the streets which is damaging to health and the environment. Tearfund hopes to combat this problem by creating innovative recycling hubs so that rubbish stays out of the streets and waterways.

“Tearfund’s appeal will help improve plastic recycling in Pakistan, cutting both waste and water pollution in the country,” says Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt. “This vital work will improve the health of generations of people, and create jobs and prosperity in the region. UK Aid Match will double every pound the Great British public donate to this campaign, meaning that their generosity will go twice as far.”

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CBM helping people to ‘See the Way’ to a brighter future

Improving access to sight-saving eye health services in Rwanda is the primary aim of CBM’s latest appeal, ‘See the Way’, which launched today (15 February).

As well as improving access to support and treatment, the ‘See the Way’ appeal will raise funds to strengthen eye health systems. Furthermore, as a UK Aid Match appeal, all donations will be doubled by the UK government.

“Some of Rwanda’s most vulnerable people are still living with avoidable blindness and visual impairments. Too often it is these treatable illnesses that stop these people from accessing education and earning a living,”says Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt. “By providing access to basic eye health services the UK Aid Match ‘See the Way’ appeal will change lives across Rwanda for generations.”

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Self Help Africa launches ‘Give2Grow’

With their latest campaign, ‘Give2Grow’, Self Help Africa aims to help 1,000 Ugandan families rebuild their lives after years of violence and struggle.

The campaign, which launched today (15 February), focuses particularly on Teso, Uganda where more than half the people live on less than 15p a day.

“We’re supporting households to restore their small farms, so that they can grow and earn more from the land, rebuild their communities, and provide a better life for their families,” says Mark Ireland, Self Help Africa’s Head of Programmes.

As a UK Aid Match appeal, all donations to ‘Give2Grow’ will be doubled by the UK government.

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