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Utilising Beneficiary Feedback Mechanisms with Sense International

Harriet Smith and Alex Mindel, Sense International
0.00 – 5.59: Introduction to Sense International’s work
5.59 – 16.45: Use of Beneficiary Feedback Mechanisms
16.45 – 20.21: Managing data and implementing feedback
20.21 – 25.05: What has Sense International learnt from Beneficiary Feedback Mechanisms?

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Collecting beneficiary feedback in unique situations

In this podcast, we interview World Child Cancer, Practical Action and SCIAF about how they tailor their beneficiary feedback approach in sensitive and difficult situations.


Logframe template

A guide to. . .

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)

Delivery chain mapping and delivery chain risk mapping

Asset management and disposal

This guide explains what a logframe is, their purpose and how to develop one

Developing a theory of change
This guide explains what a theory of change is, its purpose and how to develop one

Value for money
This guide explains what value for money is, why it is a useful tool and how to use it

Webinar: value for money
A webinar explaining what value for money is and how to implement and measure it

Webinar: resilience
In this webinar, Gisele Henriques, Resilience and Sustainability Technical Advisor for CAFOD, presents some of the findings from the Bond Resilience Learning group and how CAFOD approaches resilience.

Beneficiary feedback mechanisms
This guide explains what a beneficiary feedback mechanism is, why they are useful and how they can be used during project implementation

This guide explains what sustainability is and how to address it within your project documentation

Gender equality
This guide explains why gender equality should be considered at all stages of the project life cycle and how it can be addressed

Disability inclusion
This guide explains what disability inclusion is and how to address it within project documentation

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Photo: Kate Holt/Opportunity International