Aid Match I Round Two

Fair necessities
Organisation:Traidcraft Exchange
Project:Improved, sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farming households in the north of Bangladesh through the development of tea cultivation and sales
DFID Match Funding:£614,566
Appeal partners:United Christian Broadcasters, Meaningful Chocolate Co, Inspired Digital marketing, Traidcraft shops
Intended beneficiary no.:7,500
Hear in Malawi
Organisation:Sound Seekers
Project:Enabling access to education and employment by identifying, treating and preventing hearing loss in Southern Malawi
DFID Match Funding:£393,249
Appeal partners:Specsavers
Intended beneficiary no.:5,049
Lent 2015 Appeal
Project:Climate resilient agriculture
DFID Match Funding:£5,000,000
Countries:Bangladesh, Myanmar, Kenya and Zimbabwe
Intended beneficiary no.:450,000
Organisation:Hope and Homes for Children
Project:Action to reduce reliance on institutional care for children in East Africa
DFID Match Funding:£2,090,762
Intended beneficiary no.:25,033
Seeds of Opportunity
Organisation:Opportunity International UK
Project:Improving agricultural production and incomes for smallholder farmers
DFID Match Funding:£2,293,525
Countries:Ghana and Mozambique
Appeal partners:City AM, Clear Channel
Intended beneficiary no.:8,600
Soccer Aid 2014
Project:Supporting children in their first 1,000 days of life to reduce maternal and child mortality in South Sudan, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.
DFID Match Funding:£2,112,368
Countries:South Sudan, Sierra Leone and Liberia
Appeal partners:ITV
Intended beneficiary no.:1,016,378
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