Aid Match I Round One

Organisation:African Revival
Project:Improved access to quality nursery and early years education in northern Uganda
DFID Match Funding:£196,602
Appeal partners:East African Playgrounds,GB Group, A&A Group Limited
Intended beneficiary no.:7,070
Project:Increasing food security and resilience to climate shocks for vulnerable households in Zimbabwe and Malawi
DFID Match Funding:£967,239
Countries:Zimbabwe and Malawi
Appeal partners:The Mirror NI, Q Radio, Belfast Media Group
Intended beneficiary no.:5,470
Mother Appeal
Project:Increasing women smallholder farmers’ agency and leadership in rural livelihoods
DFID Match Funding:£5,000,000
Countries:Democratic Republic of Congo
Appeal partners:Nectar, Marks & Spencer
Intended beneficiary no.:63,600
Ramadan Appeal
Organisation:Islamic Relief
Project:Improved public services in Blue Nile and West Darfur, Sudan
DFID Match Funding:£4,945,597
Intended beneficiary no.:135,415
Ready for Anything
Project:Increasing safety, access to justice and gender responsive public services for vulnerable women and girls in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Kenya, Zimbabwe
DFID Match Funding:£1,386,883
Countries:Bangladesh, Myanmar, Kenya and Zimbabwe
Appeal partners:Festival Republic, KBH On-Train Media
Intended beneficiary no.:60,990
SAC UK Break Fast appeal
Organisation:Send A Cow
Project:Releasing the potential of women and children in Rwanda, and Uganda through improved rural livelihoods
DFID Match Funding:£2,089,792
Countries:Rwanda, Uganda
Appeal partners:Times Education Supplement,Blackacre Farm Eggs, regional newspapers
Intended beneficiary no.:9,312
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