Aid Match II Round One

Help Her Live, Learn and Earn
Organisation:Care International
Project:Help Her Live, Learn & Earn: Enhancing food and nutrition security for households dependent on small-scale agriculture within a changing climate in Tanzania
DFID Match Funding:£300,000
Countries:Burkina Faso, Burundi, South Sudan
My turn to learn
Organisation:Sense International
Project:My Turn to Learn
DFID Match Funding:£1,300,000
Countries:Bangladesh, Pakistan
Not this Girl
Project:Not This Girl: Reducing violence against girls in Kenya by empowering girls, women’s groups and duty bearers and by changing attitudes and increasing justice for survivors of violence
DFID Match Funding:£675,000
Nourish to Flourish
Organisation:Send a Cow
Project:Improving nutrition for women and children in Western Kenya
DFID Match Funding:£1,087,500
Put Your Foot Down
Organisation:Mines Advisory Group
Project:Put Your Foot Down: Increasing access to landmine free, safe land for sustainable development of rural communities in Eastern Angola
DFID Match Funding:£1,302,000
Ready, Willing and Able
Project:Ready, Willing & Able: Improving confidence and increasing access to employment for disabled adults in Kenya
DFID Match Funding:£240,000
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