II round 1

Organisation:Concern Worldwide
Project:Reducing malnutrition and its underlying causes for children under-5 in Burundi
Target appeal value:£1,200,000
Organisation:Action Against Hunger
Project:Teenage Nutrition for Change (TN4C)
Target appeal value:£800,000
Appeal partners:Festival Republic, KBH on-train media (pro bono ads on trains)
Organisation:Camfed International
Target appeal value:£200,000
2018 Lent appeal
Project:2018 Lent Appeal: Building community resilience to climatic shocks through improving nutrition, food security, caring practices for vulnerable groups, sanitation and hygiene practices
Target appeal value:£200,000
Countries:Eritrea, Zambia, Zimbabwe
A million miracles – the final push
Project:The right to health: Breaking down barriers to eye health in South Asia
Target appeal value:£165,154
Countries:Bangladesh and Pakistan
A safe pair of hands
Organisation:Practical Action
Target appeal value:£2,825,202
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